Why Choose Taybeh?

Taybeh Beer is made according to the German purity law of 1516 which states that the beer should be made out of four basic natural ingredients: malt, hops, pure water, and yeast. It is a high standard beer that follows the purity law in every aspect of its process. It is basically the natural choice. Nadim Khoury prides himself in buying the best quality raw materials.

Fresh: We bring you fresh beer directly from the Taybeh Brewery within hours of packaging because we are a small local brewery with a limited market area. Therefore TAYBEH BEER comes to you in its natural wholesome state which also means better flavor.

Local: The first Palestinian Beer! The native beer style, it’s our pride.


Natural: Taybeh BEER is unpasteurized without any additives or preservatives (International brewers use up to ten preservatives for various purposes such as head retention, flavor stabilization and extend the shelf – life of their beer).


Finest Ingredients: Pure ingredients following the German purity law of 1516 which dictates fine raw materials (malted barley, hops, pure water and yeast). No other (filler grain) such as rice, corn are used in TAYBEH BEER in addition to our spring water from the nearby natural spring of Ein Samia.