Nadim’s Advice

For peak flavor, store all beer away from heat and light.

Heat, light and age are the enemies of all beer.

Store in a cool, dark place.
The use of a dark bottle will protect the beer from light.
Beer should be fresh, unlike wine; it deteriorates as soon as it is bottled.
Drink responsibly and in good health.

Forget the Rest … Buy the Best! Cheers!

Beer was brewed 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt. The Egyptian beer was transported all over the world to faraway places such as Rome, Greece, India and Palestine. Beer was the basis for many medicines in the days of pharaohs. The 5000 year old beer papyrus lists more than 700 medical prescriptions. Over 100 of these recipes called for beer. A popular saying is “one beer a day keeps kidney problems away. ” It is no exaggeration to say that beer was a central importance in Egyptian society and wages were often paid in beer (and other supplies).