Our Story

Turns out, good beer can do a lot of good.

We started a beer revolution in the Middle East that is in full force today. We keep pushing boundaries, whether that’s in the brewhouse, with sustainability, or in our community.


Nadim Khoury started making beer in his dorm room in Boston during college and brought brew kits to make beer for his father in Taybeh, Palestine, over the summers. He returned once a year in order to maintain his Palestinian ID, a requirement at the time.


The Khoury brothers, Nadim and David, inspired by their father, Canaan Khoury, return to their hometown in Palestine following the Oslo Peace Agreement to turn Nadim's hobby into a career, an endeavor many insisted was insane. Canaan starts construction of the brewery next to his house without taking any loans and obtaining the blessing from the late president Yasser Arafat.


Taybeh launched its flagship beer, the Taybeh Golden, according to the German Purity Law without using any preservatives or additives. When mass produced beer was the only option for beer lovers, Taybeh offered a high quality premium Palestinian alternative.


Taybeh became the first Palestinian company to start a franchise in Germany brewing the beer there and exporting to other parts of Europe. Not having our own borders made it very difficult to export the beer from Palestine.


Taybeh launched the Taybeh Dark and Taybeh Light, one time brews for the new millennium where the Star of Bethlehem was featured on the label. The Taybeh Dark was enjoyed by many and we turned it into a core part of our beer production.


Taybeh expanded its international presence entering markets such as Japan and the UK. In order to supply beer for the growing demand, Taybeh had its first expansion adding more tanks.


Taybeh launched the annual Taybeh Oktoberfest, one of the biggest events in Palestine boosting the collapsed local economy and making Taybeh a major touristic destination. The project was one of the first joining the private and public sector in a project that placed Taybeh on the world map.


Nadim's daughter, Madees, returned to Palestine following her father's footsteps and trained to become the first and only female brewer in the Middle East. The brewery continued to grow and had its second expansion adding more tanks.

2007 - 2010

Taybeh launched the Taybeh Amber and Taybeh White, further expanding its portfolio and providing more beer options to the market. Taybeh also launched the Taybeh Nonalcoholic Brew, an impressive feat for a microbrewery.


Nadim's son, Canaan, returns to Palestine after graduating from Harvard and joins the family business. Using his engineering degree, Canaan immediately starts implementing sustainability projects for the brewery.


Taybeh expands into Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, and Denmark. To accommodate for the export market, the brewery has its third brewery ground expansion. The brewery cancels the Oktoberfest for that year due to the war on Gaza.


Taybeh starts its zero carbon initiative. It implements what at the time was one of the largest solar energy projects in Palestine and starts running completely on renewable energy. Check out our sustainability page for more information


Our Master Brewer, Canaan, won the John S Ford Award for the highest distinction worldwide in the brewing and distilling examinations. He further launches the Taybeh IPA and starts creating beers using local ingredients and flavors, something very unique to the region. Taybeh also entered the USA market.


Taybeh launches the Taybeh Winter Lager, a winter warmer created to celebrate the holiday season. Taybeh starts exporting to Chile, the first country in South America. Taybeh also maintains its number 1 status on Tripadvisor as the main activity in Palestine for visitors.


Taybeh enters Canada and France for the first time. Taybeh starts its renovations for the brewery and continues its environmental efforts.


Taybeh formally launches its Brewmaster Series that uses local flavors such as Sage, Thyme, Sumac, etc. and starts planning its most recent expansion. Taybeh finally enters the first Arab country of Jordan.