Taybeh Oktoberfest

This two day celebration happens in the fall every year. Stay tuned for this year’s 2022 Oktoberfest

The Taybeh Oktoberfest started in 2005 by the Taybeh Brewing Company. Nadim, working with his brother David, mayor of Taybeh at the time, inspired the village and the local civic organizations to collaborate in making this event a success. The event boosted the local economy of Taybeh and placed Taybeh on the international map. The Taybeh Oktoberfest has been called the highlight of Palestine receiving over 16,000 visitors from all over the world every year.

The Oktoberfest gives venue to local music groups to showcase their talents in promoting a different face of Palestine. Artists from Germany, Italy, Brazil, Greece, Spain, Japan, and Sri Lanka have performed in the past.

Oktoberfest in Pictures