Our Core Values

Since 1994 we have and continue to prove that beer can be a force for good

Our Five Core Values

Brew with QUALITY

We take pride in providing top quality beers we stand behind. We believe that hand-crafted, small batch beer is best made using the finest natural ingredients.


We are resolute, unyielding, and believe that we must push forward despite any obstacles or challenges we face. Determination, our entrepreneurial culture, and the refusal to quit are essential to running a brewery in Palestine.

COMMUNITY Commitment

We have a commitment to give back to our community and make it a better place, not only financially, but through time invested. We do not operate in a vacuum and giving back not only helps us create more jobs but also ensure local businesses and talent grow.

Operate with INTERGITY

We believe it is necessary to work in an environment that always includes honesty and honor. We believe we should do right even when no one is looking. Beer drinkers must trust us to make excellent products and we must trust our employees.


We strive to create a culture of constant learning for our employees and our company as a whole. We focus on our ability to adapt to environmental, technological, and market changes.