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“They don’t have their own state, but they have their own beer–Taybeh”

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“Adding touch of normality to Palestinian people.”

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“Brewing a novelty in the Middle East.”

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“The best microbrewery in the Middle East.”

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Khoury’s beer plant is just one hint that the sleeping giant of overseas Palestinian wealth and expertise is awakening at least to the possibilities of coming home.”

World News Newspaper

Brewing up some history in the Mideast… I never, ever thought there would be a Palestinian beer, now I am proud of it. It’s really tasty.

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“A Niche Beer, made, you might say, to toast peace.”

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“Challenge is always on tap for West Bank microbrewery. Business must work around Palestinian taboos, Mideast tensions.”

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“Microbrewing brings beer boom to land of milk and honey.”